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Vintage Speed Exhaust Systems

---Still searching for that hard core German Look exhaust system with the idle and throttle resonance of a Porsche?

---Well, search no more! Made-up of a synthesis of original as well as after-market stainless steel exhaust components, we have noy only managed to resolve the renowned muffler clearance problem issue, but the thought-provoking end-pipe runs though the exhaust cut-outs as well.

---All of our headers are sand blasted, thereby allowing for a significant reduction in exhaust     temperature (as it streams through the pipes to its final destination, the muffler), complemented by an increase in engine out put. Please consult our website exhaust menu bar for HP Dyno test video.

---Our mufflers come prefabricated with original Type 4 8mm thick collector flange and two O2
sensor slots.

Vintage Speed exhaust for VW BUS 95HP 107ft lb 98db
Vintage Speed German Look Sport exhaust 96HP 105ft lb 97db
VW BUS Merged 1 5/8" and turbo muffler 97HP 103ft lb 104.5db
VW BUS Merged 1 5/8" and Stinger 97HP 105ft lb 122db
vintagespeed vw custom bug custom parts for german look and cal. look
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Home. Roof Racks. Exhaust Systems. Gauges Accessories. Gift Sport Shifters.
.Where to buy .vw-taiwan ..Blog .Contact Us

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