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SS143 Super Sport 

Fast & Quiet

Daily Racing

Super Sport  SS143Exhaust System

Super Fast / Super Quiet

Add some excitement on your ride without losing comfort

Why SS143?

No more complains from neighbors !

SS143 is the BEST system for people who like quite and throaty beautiful sound with NO DRONE. 

UPC: 155-203-05038 ( 38mm header )

UPC: 155-203-05043 ( 43mm header )

UPC: 155-203-05048 ( 48mm header )


1. 143mm Diameter Quiet Super Flow muffler.
2. Peak power up to 6000 RPM
3. #304 stainless steel muffler with #304 polished tail pips
4. #304 Stainless steel Header and Flanges
5. Fit stroker Engine with stock Rod, or 2mm(or less) under cylinder.
6. 8mm stainless steel Type 4 muffler Flanges can be match ported
7. Easy to adjust valves
8. Build in M18 nuts, for tuning when use O2 sensor
9. Fit behind rear apron from 1950 ~1977 Type 1 Beetle, Karmann Ghia
10. Clear oil sump, like Gene Berg oil sump1.5q & 3.5q, Bugpack sump, CB, Empi.

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